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Back Stage Family

Medusa Dayla Rouge

This native born Alaskan can be found in a dark corner scheming her next project or performing creative magic. Arctic Allure's enchanting seamstress of needles, thread and glitter! Not only our caring on-call needleworker,  she aides in adding flare to our production set up. 



Let me introduce to everyone the creator of Arctic Allure's logo! 

Starting your new work from home website? Need a personalized one of a kind logo that sets you apart from the crowd?

An avid cosplayer and parttime hostess with Arctic Allure, Rhapsody has coached acting students and participated in state wide acting contest! We are grateful for her assistance with setting up the ambiance for our shows. 

Violet Voltage

 This bodacious babe lights up every room she enters, including our stage! A master of many talents and pure joy to work with, Violet Voltage can be found assisting in our lights/sound booth, helping at the door or doubleing as Hostess!

Owner of Borelais Baubles, this lovely lady creates incredible cuddly creatures displayed at our merchandise booth along with stickers and hair accessories by Terri Belle Angel open at every show.

Check out Violet Voltage's online store today.

And you can follow her on facebook.



Stage manager extrodinaire. The position  everybody dreams of.. hearding divas and  on and off stage! AHH!

He does it with style and grace and very good taste. Kindness and collectiveness so nothing goes to waste. Hard work goes into making everynight run as smoothely as possible. 


Lights! Sound! ...Action!

We have a sound guy. Another vertebre in the backbone of our behind-the-scence's family that we could not do without. Thank you Patrick for all your hard work in helping us look and sound amazing!



Event Staff status: Pro.

Stagehand, tech crew, security - you name it, he's doing it! He's a man of many trades and a valued part of the mechanics behind the curtain. Whether it's decorating, cleaning, or protecting our performers, no job is too little or too big for this guy. We deeply appreciate all he does for us!

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